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Dunvara embodies a partnership between two individuals who are committed to excellence in design and interior craftsmanship. Meet Barry and Lyndsey Dunne, the driving forces behind Dunvara, a professional kitchen design and interior design firm dedicated to transforming residential and commercial spaces into works of art.

Barry Dunne is the heart and hands of Dunvara Design, with an impressive career spanning over 25 years as a master fitter, skilled handcrafter, and certified Kitchen Designer of bespoke kitchens and interiors. His extensive experience in the fitted furniture industry is a testament to his craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results. Barry’s dedication to each project ensures our clients receive stunning designs and meticulously crafted and functional furniture.

Kitchen Designer
Barry & Lyndsey

On the other hand, Lyndsey is the visionary force behind both Dunvara Design and Dunvara Interiors. With a creative mind honed through over 20 years in the high-end luxury fashion industry and a BA in business studies, she brings a unique perspective to our team. Lyndsey is also a certified Interior Designer with distinction from the Dublin Institute of Design. Her passion for interiors and her ability to translate unique visions into reality have been instrumental in elevating our brand to new heights.

Together, Barry and Lyndsey form a dynamic duo, seamlessly complementing each other’s skills and talents. Their dedication, talent, and extensive experience in their respective fields enable them to provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results for our clients. Whether crafting bespoke furniture or creating stunning interiors, their collaborative approach ensures that every project undertaken by Dunvara is completed to the highest standard possible.

At Dunvara Design, we pride ourselves on our streamlined and customer-centric design process. Our approach ensures that every project, no matter how unique, is met with efficiency and excellence. With a deep commitment to delivering personalised and efficient service, we look forward to welcoming you on this journey to bring your design dreams to life. Explore our simple process to learn more about how we bring your visions to life.

We can’t wait to make your design dreams a reality

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2024 – The Vision Ahead:

Hold your breath for 2024! Dunvara envisions a year of boundless growth and innovation. Design excellence, cutting-edge technology, and unrivalled customer service will remain at our core.

Unprecedented Design: Prepare to witness design that defies imagination.

We are continuing to push the boundaries of design with innovative solutions, incorporating the latest technologies to provide clients with an unmatched design experience.

Customer Bliss: Maintaining a strong commitment to exceptional customer service, ensuring every client feels valued and their unique design aspirations are realized.

Building a Greener Tomorrow: In 2024, Dunvara is taking its commitment to sustainability to new heights. Our vision is clear, and it’s all about building a greener tomorrow for our planet and future generations

Creative Collaborations: Innovative partnerships will redefine design. Strengthening collaborations with like-minded interior designers to bring fresh and diverse design perspectives to clients.

Nationwide Reach: We’re coming to your doorstep, making exceptional design accessible to all.

Join Dunvara on this epic journey. Your living space is our canvas, innovation knows no bounds, and dreams are our inspiration. Buckle up and let Dunvara Design take you on a captivating adventure through time and design wonderland. It’s a journey of dreams, and you’re invited to be part of our story.

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