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The  Quooker Fusion Square provides the ultimate convenience in your kitchen, delivering cold, hot, and boiling water from a single tap with a modern square spout design. Available in a variety of finishes, including polished chrome, stainless steel, black, patinated brass, gold, gunmetal, and rose copper, the Fusion Square seamlessly combines style and functionality to elevate your kitchen space.

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Introducing the Quooker Fusion Square

Experience ultimate convenience in your kitchen with the Quooker Fusion, delivering cold, hot, and boiling water from a single tap.

Key Features

  • All-in-One Functionality: The Quooker Fusion streamlines your kitchen with its ability to dispense cold, hot, and boiling water, eliminating the need for separate taps or waiting for water to heat up.
  • Chilled Sparkling Water Option: Enhance your drinking experience by pairing the Quooker Fusion with a CUBE system to enjoy chilled sparkling water on demand, adding versatility to your kitchen.

Spout Options

  • Quooker Fusion Square: Featuring a modern square spout design, the Fusion Square adds a contemporary touch to your kitchen space while providing the same convenient functionality.
  • Fusion Round: For those who prefer a more classic look, the Fusion Round offers a traditional rounded spout design, blending seamlessly with various kitchen styles.

Available Finishes

Choose from a range of finishes to match your kitchen decor and personal style:

  • Polished chrome
  • Stainless steel
  • Black
  • Patinated brass
  • Gold
  • Gunmetal
  • Rose copper

The Quooker Fusion Square revolutionizes kitchen convenience by offering cold, hot, boiling, and even chilled sparkling water from one tap. With its sleek design, multiple spout options, and variety of finishes, the Fusion is not just a practical addition but also a stylish statement in any modern kitchen.


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Black, Chrome, Gunmetal, Patinated Brass, Stainless Steel, Gold, Rose Copper




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The operation of the Quooker PRO3

The Quooker system consists of a vacuum-insulated tank, which is connected to the cold water supply under the sink and to the Nordic single tap, the Fusion tap or the Flex tap. Both boiling water and mixer water can be dispensed from the Fusion and Flex tap.

Inside the tank the water is heated electrically to approx. 108°C and is kept at this temperature. The Quooker PRO3 has a capacity of 3 litres. Before water is dispensed, it is purified by the HiTAC® water filter.

The Nordic single tap, the Fusion tap and the Flex tap are fitted with a childproof push-and-turn handle, which is clearly recognisable by its textured ring. The Nordic single tap is height adjustable to guarantee safe use. Both the Nordic single tap, the Fusion tap and the Flex tap are well insulated.

Despite all the safety features incorporated in the product, anyone using the Quooker system must keep in mind the risks of using boiling water in general. Incorrect use can lead to injury. Therefore, always read the manual carefully before use.

Installation, maintenance and warranty

Installing the Quooker requires connections to the mains water supply and the electrical system. The Quooker is supplied with a handy connection kit (including the required Quooker inlet valve) for simple installation. For optimally purified Quooker boiling water, we recommend changing the HiTAC® filter cartridge every 3-??5 years. If necessary, the tank can be descaled. In areas with hard water this should be performed more regularly.

You must not connect the Quooker to a reverse osmosis system or to a water softener that reduces the pH value.

The warranty period is two years, according to our General Terms of Business



The Quooker tap can be used by children above the age of eight and people with diminished physical, sensory or intellectual abilities provided they are supervised or have been instructed on the safe use of the device. Inform people who are unfamiliar with the Quooker system about safe use and the possible dangers associated with the use of the boiling-water tap. Please note: incorrect use may result in injury. Prevent children from using the tap as a toy and do not allow children to clean or maintain the product unsupervised. Keep the plug out of reach of small children.

The Quooker system is suitable for household use and commercial use such as in staff kitchens at shops, offices, farms and other business premises and for use by visitors at hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts and other residential accommodation.

Always follow the installation method described in the manual. Avoid spilling water on the plug. If defective, the power plug may only be replaced by a qualified technician. Make sure you let the tank cool off adequately before disconnecting it. The fastest way to do this is as follows: turn off the Quooker, but leave the plug in the socket. Then open the boiling-water tap and turn it off once the water runs cold. You can find a more detailed explanation for disconnecting the tank in chapter E.

Tips for use and the installation manual can also be found on our website: quooker.ie


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